Five Bad Boy Traits and Why Men Who Want to Meet Girls Should Have Them

Every girl in the world secretly loves them even if they say outwardly they are not attracted to that “type” of guy. Who is that “type” of guy? A bad boy. This is the guy every guy would like to be like even if it is for just one day.  Bad boys are quite alluring and they possess traits that make dating, relationships, and marriage easier for any man. Here are five traits to help you channel your inner bad boy.

Five Traits Men Who Want to Meet Girls Should Possess

Authentic Confidence  

Not having confidence is an instant turn-off and fake confidence is unnerving. Confidence is knowing what you’re good at, the value you provide and acting in a way that conveys this to others. A bad boy’s confidence is deep, internal and not shallow or contrived. It also doesn’t come from external confidence builders such as money, women, cool cars or clothes. If all of that was taken away from him, a bad boy wouldn’t lose his confidence.

Everyone respects and is attracted to a confident person, it creates an aura that draws people towards you like a magnet. This authentic confidence can’t be faked and communicates that you are secure in who you are and you do things that make you happy and successful while ignoring the rest.


Bad boys are passionate about everything and anything that they do. Passionate people are goal setters and strive fiercely to achieve those goals. This deep devotion shows when they talk about their passions. Passion is a very infectious trait. It’s inspirational and people are naturally drawn to passionate people. There is nothing more motivating than watching someone put their heart and soul into something that they love.


meet girls

Bad boys value themselves and know their place in the world. Self-value is more behavioral than emotional, it’s about how you act towards what you value and that includes yourself. Valuing something goes beyond regarding it as important. You also appreciate its qualities while investing time, energy and effort in nurturing and maintaining what it is you value. People with high self-value appreciate their own qualities even when trying to improve their lesser ones.

Bad boys who value themselves don’t change their personality to accommodate everyone in the room. They know who they are and don’t have the need to fit in or to be followers because they think for themselves.


Bad boys put 100 percent of their focus and energy into whatever they pursue. He gets out of his comfort zone to go after what he wants. If he sees a woman he likes and wants her phone number, he gets it. If he is interested in seeing her again, he just tells her. He will get over his own insecurities and make it happen.


A bad boy says what’s on his mind and tells you how it is. Honesty is an endearing quality and the truth can be sexy. Honesty and integrity are the qualities that make relationships stand the test of time. Even if the truth hurts, being honest with someone will build trust, respect and a bond that is hard to break.

The Perfect Dating Site for Finding Bad Boys

Ninety-nine percent of being a bad boy is really about cultivating a particular mindset. Your looks will help, but sometimes won’t get you the results you want with women. If you are a man seeking a woman who is attracted to bad boys the best dating site to join is Find the girl you’ve always been looking for.

Five Online Dating Musts for Spring

It’s officially springtime! Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and love is in the air. Many singles are hoping to find love and change their relationship statuses. With a little mental spring cleaning you can. Here are five online dating tips for spring.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Springtime means spring cleaning. This is the time when you sort through your belongings and get rid of the old items you don’t need to make room for those things you really love. Funny enough, it is the same way with relationships and your love life. Are you involved in a relationship that is on and off or are you getting mixed signals from the person you are dating? Perhaps you feel you cannot truly be yourself around the person you are dating. These are the relationships you may need to cut out of your life if they are not going anywhere. If you are dating someone and they are not willing to have your best interest at heart, then cut them off to make room for someone who will.      

Move Away from Negativity

online dating profile

Relationships are complicated, especially when you have had bad breakups in the past. You can have lingering anger, resentment, bitterness, and regret after the relationship has ended. You may find yourself obsessing and over analyzing everything anyone says. When you are in this headspace, you are allowing the emotions of your last relationship to cloud your vision of your current and future relationships.

It’s time to do some self-assessing and be clear about who you are and how you want to feel in your next relationship. You are the only one who has control over your emotions and staying in the negativity because of someone else is not beneficial to anyone. Move away from these negative, unproductive thoughts and feelings so you can turn back into your happy more joyful self.   

Have a New Mindset

Your perception of yourself is everything. It’s time to look at your attitude towards your life and dating. Let go of the self-criticism and the fear that you will not find love online. You may be carrying around the baggage of sadness and regret. Throw that baggage away. Lighten your load and adopt a new way of thinking about new possibilities and all the great potential candidates out there for you to date. This new springtime approach is a desirable trait, and you’ll be surprised at how well it will work for you.  

Recognize the MVP

You are doing the work! Rewiring your brain and changing the way you think about yourself and relationships is not easy. So it is important to pat yourself on the back for all the hard work you are putting in. Make a list of all the changes you have made and celebrate every one of those changes. Acknowledge yourself for letting go of what wasn’t working in your life and the great new attitude you have towards your love life. You are the real MVP!   

Update Your Online Dating Profile

A potential date will most likely ignore your profile if they have seen it multiple times. Keeping the same photo and description may make you appear to be a serial dater or you are not really serious about finding love. You should start by adding new photos of what you look like now versus five to 10 years ago. Rewrite your entire profile from scratch.  Having fresh, interesting, and unique content will create new interest in your profile and attract people who may have passed on it before. Springtime is when love begins to blossom again, so you are in the perfect season to find your budding romance online. Looking for the best online dating site to safely find the kind of guys you like? Visit today.

Bad Boys Need Love Too

It’s springtime and flowers are in bloom and the cold weather has thawed. It’s the perfect time to embark on the online dating scene.  In your search for companionship and a committed relationship, you realize you are wildly attracted to bad boys. The guys that everyone is telling you to stay far away from.

Bad Boy Attitude

Bad Boys have an undeniable allure. The misconception here is that bad boys are bad men when, in actuality, they are more mischievous as opposed to bad. They are men who have a total disregard for conventions, institutions, and the norms of society. The confidence they exude through their rebellious attitude is quite appealing. It’s no wonder you are drawn to them.

When You are Vetting Your Bad Boy


Even though the world is closer thanks to the internet, when it comes to online dating, you might want to keep it local. You always want to give yourself the best chance of success and more importantly to be safe and secure. The close proximity between you and your bad boy will make it easier for both of you to meet.  

Making the Connection

bad boys need love too from good girls

When you connect with your bad boy don’t drag it out. Keep the first few initial contacts short and sweet. It’s better to get together sooner than later, instead of wasting your time writing back and forth. You really cannot tell if you have chemistry until you actually meet in-person.

The Initial Date

Make sure you’re not asking for more than you are willing to give. Bad boys love women, so you need to find that thing to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. What are your values? What are you bringing to the table? What can you contribute to the relationship?  Be sure to come to the date with an open mind and genuinely interested in getting to know who your bad boy really is and not what he can do for you. Most people usually find it a turn off if they feel like they are being interviewed or the date appears to be more like a business interaction.

No Need to Rush

Online dating is more like a marathon and not a sprint. It’s very rare that you hit it off with the first person you chat with online. You most likely will be going on a few dates before you find the right one.

Safety First

There is always an opportunity to find your bad boy once you step out of your apartment. There is a risk that is attached to randomly meeting someone. The safe alternative in an online site such as good girls like bad boys, we conduct background checks before you meet your bad boy.

Find that Bad Boy to Love

Bad boys are just as responsible, moral and good-hearted as any other person and deserve love too just like anyone else. Let the warmer weather be the springboard to meeting someone who melts your heart. Find the bad boy you’ve been looking for at

Five Ways to Be Successful at Online Dating

Ok, Ladies! It’s time to give it your best shot!  Love is in the air, and yes, you can find the love of your life online.  If you haven’t had much success up until now, that’s about to change. For starters, if you’re reading this, you’re on the best dating site for women, so you’re in the right place. We’re going to share some tips on how to improve your online dating success. You got this!

How to Create a Successful Online Dating Profile

There are a number of ways to approach this:

#1: Stunning Profile Picture

Your main profile picture should be a show-stopper. The better your pictures, the better your chances of getting more views. Be sure to include both body shots (with your clothes on, of course), selfies, and headshots. It’s fine if you love wearing makeup, but include at least one picture of yourself without makeup – you, in your beautiful, natural state. And if you’re proud of your physique, by all means, show off your beautiful curves – within reason, of course. You don’t want to send any mixed signals or give anyone the wrong impression.

#2: Level-Up Your Bio     

how to be more successful at online dating

Does your bio need some love? Remember, your bio is the window to who you are. Although you should keep it short, it has to provide enough insight and intrigue that leaves the reader craving more. List some of your hobbies or interests, along with your favorite movies, books, restaurants, and foods.  A total list of five to seven items should do just fine. This is no time to write a novel. Be honest, engaging and let your personality shine.

#3: Expand Your Reach   

Are you being too narrow in your online search for love with that perfect someone? Cast a wider net. Consider dating someone outside of your race, or perhaps someone older or younger than you. Don’t close yourself off to someone with whom you have nothing in common.  You know what they say – opposites attract. So, what if you’re not a huge baseball fan. Surely, you can learn to enjoy the game a bit when you’re watching it with the love of your life.

#4: Don’t Rush Love

Although you really want to get into a serious relationship, start slowly and start off as friends. Get to know the person, but don’t go overboard. Some people connect instantly online, and when they finally meet – crickets – no sparks whatsoever.

#5: Join the Best Online Dating Site

When searching for successful online dating sites, you’ll find us. We’re also designed to be the safest online dating site. Unlike other dating sites for women, you can view your date’s background for yourself, right on our website.  If he’s been in the court system, you will know it and be able to view any records yourself. We make your safety, our priority.

Find Love with Us

It’s time for you to up your love game.  And we can help you get there. You can start by downloading our app and joining Your future Bae awaits you.

Adding Simple Words to Your Dating Profile Can Get You More Dates

Online dating is very competitive, and to win the game, you might need to make changes to your online dating profile. You know how important it is to get your dating profile just right, posting the best picture of yourself with a really cool bio to get you lots of eyes and more dates. The right profile can improve your online dating success and could lead you to the love of your life. So, choose your pictures and words very carefully.  The words and phrases you include in your profile play a bigger role than what you might think.

Words Matter When It Comes to Finding Love

Occasionally updating your online profile is important. And in doing so, make sure you really think about your word choice, in your profile. Yes, words matter.

Phrases or Words that Entice

Here are the suggested words or phrases that women need to include in their profile.

  • Pumpkin Spice – Studies show this simple phrase referring to a fall drink, is a “must include” in women’s profiles.
  • Ambitious/Perceptive/Hard Working – What man wouldn’t want to date a woman with all of these incredible attributes?
boosting dating profile
  • Guacamole – Who knew? Yes, this very popular dish will also catch a man’s dating appetite.
  • Family/Love/Caring/Kind/Honest/Thoughtful/Sweet/Fun – The words family, love, and caring suggest you’re looking for a serious or long-term relationship. Get ready to melt a man’s heart.

Men should include the words: friends, love, caring, nice, outgoing, physically fit, spontaneous, perspective, music, optimistic, and honest.

Phrases or Words to Avoid

There are certain phrases or words women should avoid in their online dating profile, including:

  • Happy – Instead of the word happy, switch that out for the word confident.
  • I love to laugh – This should be a given. Doesn’t everyone love to laugh? Don’t waste your profile space with that word.

  • Shy – How can your date get to know you better, if you say you’re shy. It’s ok if you’re shy, just avoid using that word in your profile. Men might take that as meaning they’ll have to work harder to get to really know you.
  • Trustworthy – It’s ok to include the word honest, but not the word trustworthy. Both are crucial for a good relationship.

Men, on the other hand, should avoid these words in their profile: impress me, shy, handsome, happy, and entrepreneur.

Safely Find Love Online

Hopefully, these tips for creating the perfect online dating profile will help you meet your soul mate. Remember, words in your profile matter. Choosing the best online dating site also plays a major role in finding love. is also designed to be the safest online dating site. Unlike other dating sites for women, you can view your date’s background for yourself, right on our website.  If he’s been in the court system, you will know it and be able to view any records yourself. We make your safety our priority. Are you ready to find love online? You can start by downloading our app and joining Love is just a click away.

Online Dating Etiquette For Dating Success

Dating is no longer meeting someone at a picnic or a school dance. Well, there is still some of that, but for many of us, the rules of dating have changed since childhood. Today, more people are meeting others online. With this shift to online dating, the who, the how, the what, the where, and the why of dating have changed dramatically. Here is what you need to know about online dating etiquette.

Let People Know What You Want Upfront

In the world of online dating, there is something for everyone. If you are a farmer looking to date other farmers, you are covered. If you are of a certain religion or faith, there’s a site for you. And if you are looking for a casual fling over a serious relationship, there are plenty of like-minded people out there for you.

One thing you need to do is be upfront in what you’re looking for. After all, if you are looking for a one-night stand but are matched up with someone who is looking for a more serious commitment, it really isn’t in either of your best interests to waste each other’s time.

Reply Within 24 Hours

Just like you don’t want to waste anybody’s time, you don’t want to leave them hanging. If you want to be kind online, always make sure to reply within 24 hours of receiving a message on a dating site. According to dating expert Megan Weks, after 24 hours with no reply, it is a generally held, but unspoken rule that you have no interest in the person who sent you a message. Providing speedy replies, especially those who you are attracted to, is a great way to start things off on a positive note.

Get to Know Them Before Meeting in Person

online dating messaging etiquette

When you are first talking with a potential match, its best to get to know each other before meeting in person. Beyond the basic concerns over safety, starting an initial online conversation with an invite for drinks at a local bar or even dinner may rub the other person the wrong way or send off strange vibes. Take some time to chat with your potential match: learn about them, what they enjoy doing, and so forth. Learn if there is a true connection there and if one forms – great. If not, you save yourself the awkwardness and embarrassment of meeting in real life.

Find Love with Good Girls Like Bad Boys

If you are thinking about finding the right person for you, we’re here to help. We can help you find love with the right kind of bad boy with safety in mind. We’re the only dating website that allows you to see background information for yourself – before you interact with someone.   Finding love is just a click away here at Good Girls Like Bad Boys.  Join today and fill out your profile.  Here’s to love between a good girl and a bad boy!

Common Myths About Online Dating

Myths About Online Dating

Online dating is a great way to meet someone, which is why more people are turning to online dating sites. But some of the online dating myths out there in love-land may be keeping others from pursuing a love life online. We want to set the record straight.

Checking the Facts on Online Dating

common myths about dating online

Online dating is popular. A Pew Research Center report says an estimated 15 percent of American adults have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps, and 80 percent of people who have used the sites say it’s a good way to meet people. We totally agree. But does online dating come without risk? No, it doesn’t – nor does life in general. But we’re going to help you avoid online dating mistakes, cut through the noise, and potentially find the love of your life.

Myth #1: It’s Only for Desperate People

The thousands of people who met their mates online would take you to task on that one. They were not desperate, but smart and knew how to go about finding love their way, on their terms. One of the benefits of online dating is that it gives you more choices, increasing your chances of finding the perfect mate for you. You have to be in it to win it.

Myth #2: Online Relationships Don’t Last

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there’s evidence to the contrary. You probably know someone whose online romance is still going strong even years later and may have even transitioned into marriage. More than one-third of marriages start online. One study from Sociological Science found that heterosexual couples who met online transitioned quicker to marriage than couples who met offline. A Cornell University study finds online dating makes marriages stronger.

Myth #3: Everyone Lies in Their Profile

Do people lie on online dating profiles? Yes, some do, but not everyone. You may have experienced this – the person you meet in person looks slightly different than their profile page. Studies find that men tend to embellish their height, for example, and women lied more about their weight. Meh – white lies, right? But then again, some people lie about who they are all together, and that’s why it helps when looking for love online to use the safest online dating app.  Discovering a criminal past is just a click away.

Myth #4: It’s Not Safe

Some people find that dating online is actually safer than dating offline. Think of it this way – say you meet someone online and after a few conversations, you discover something questionable in their character or background, and you no longer want to deal with this individual. You can simply block them. But that’s not that easy to do, offline. Does danger lurk? Yes, but when you think about it, that’s all around us.  We make it easy for you to learn about someone’s criminal past.  

Myth #5: There’s No Way to Know if Your Date Has a Criminal Past

Of course there is.  For safety and security, all of our subscribers are pre-screened through the National Criminal Database System. And you can view your date’s background for yourself, right on our website. Anyone with convictions for murder or any kind of sexual assault or immoral offenses of any kind, even if they’ve served their time, will not be allowed on our site. We strongly encourage you to review background information on potential dates before engaging with them, either online or offline.  

Let Us Help You Get Connected

Now that we’ve separated fact from fiction, let’s get on with the business of finding you a mate in a safe manner. You can stop looking for the best online dating sites because you’ve found us. Join us and find love safely online.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Online dating is, without question, one of the best ways to meet someone to date (and possibly more). It’s extremely popular. However, there are tips you should keep in mind when it comes to online dating, including online safety.

Navigating Online Dating 

Glancing through your choices can be fun and exciting. One is really handsome, while you and another one love the exact same teams.  And another one is posing with his dog and says he also loves children. Awwww. So nice, and so many potentially good dates. You’re ready to dive in. But not so fast! Here’s some dating advice for online dating. Think of it as online dating dos and don’ts.

Get to Know Your Potential Date

Don’t move too fast. Get to know him. Ask him thought-provoking and insightful questions that will give you more information about his past and who he really is. Ask questions like: What are your long-term plans? How do you feel about global warming? Tell me about your family. How long was your longest relationship?  Do you like children? What’s your relationship with money? When he responds, listen closely. There may be a chance for follow-up questions. Also, be sure to listen for any inconsistencies. This should reveal a lot about your potential date. People tend to reveal the most information about themselves at the beginning of a relationship.

Beware of Scams and Fake Accounts

dos and don't of online dating

The number of online dating scams is rising, so is romance scams in general. Last year, people reported losing $143 million dollars to romance scams. Fake accounts are rampant. To avoid online dating scams, it pays to always be on alert.  For example, be leery of a man who’s asking too many personal questions about you, such as where you live or if you live alone.  If he asks for your financial information or money – run!  Feel free to ghost him.

Safety Tips for Online Dating

There are more steps you can take to safely date online, including:

  • Set-up a separate email account just for dating.
  • Don’t reveal your full name until after you’ve met.
  • Briefly discuss your job, but don’t reveal where you work.
  • If you uploaded a picture from your phone for your profile, be sure and remove the geotag, which is the digital tag that gives your geographical location.
  • Meet in a public place. 

Background Checks and Online Dating

One of the best moves to make when dating online is to get a background check on your date. We make safety and online dating background checks a priority at Good Girls Like Bad Boys. For safety and security, all subscribers are pre-screened through the National Criminal Database System. We’re the only dating website that allows you to actually view your date’s background. We strongly encourage you to review that information before engaging with your date online or in person. 

Find Love Safely with Us

If you’re looking for the best online dating site, you’re in the right place. is designed to be the safest dating app. Check us out and find love with a bad boy. He’s waiting patiently, just for you.

Benefits of a Background Check When It Comes to Dating

Think about this: we meet “strangers” nearly every single day (at the store, gym, doctor’s office, on the job, at a bar, etc.), but not necessarily for dating purposes. Then, there are the “strangers” we meet on online dating apps – the targeted “strangers” that we want to get to know better.  That’s when caution, along with safe online dating guides come into play. Obviously, you want to know as much information as possible about your date, before you go out with him. Smart move, and Good Girls Like Bad Boys, which makes online dating safety a priority, can help you vet that person.

Looking for Love Online is Popular

Online dating is a great way to meet someone special, and many people do.  Here in the United States, more than a third of marriages begin with an online dating site. And a study from the University of Chicago finds that couples who met online report happier, longer marriages.

What’s Behind a Smile?

Looking for love online can be exciting, but also intimidating. Who is that person smiling in the picture? We know who he says he is – nice guy, a real gentleman, family man, intelligent, honest – and says he has nothing to hide.  It all sounds great, but is there more for you to learn?

The Questionable Side of Online Dating

benefits if a background check

Scammers and people with criminal pasts are also checking out online dating apps, but not necessarily for love. According to a study by the Better Business Bureau, online dating victims in the U.S. and Canada have reportedly been scammed out of nearly $1 billion over the last three years.  And roughly 10 percent of sex offenders use online dating sites. All of this is why it’s crucial to “practice” safe online dating.

But First – Safety

We can’t help you find out how or why your date’s last relationship ended or how many exes he has, but we can help you find out if he has a criminal past.  We make it easy for you to read his background and discover what the court system has to say about him. All of our subscribers are pre-screened through the National Criminal Database system. When you sign up as a member, you are agreeing to allow us (our software) to automatically run a background check on you. Based on your background information as determined by this background check, we have the right to refuse your membership.  Anyone with convictions for murder or any kind of sexual assault or immoral offenses of any kind, even if they’ve served their time, will not be allowed as a member.

Connect with the Safest Online Dating Site

We’re also designed to be the safest online dating site. Plus, our website is filled with invaluable information and advice on how to find love online, and how to safely navigate online dating.  Download our app and discover for yourself the benefits of a background check when it comes to dating. Looking for the best online dating site to safely find the kind of guys you like? Visit

Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

We know that opposites attract. This could explain why you, a good girl, is so attracted to bad boys. When you think of bad boys, some of the celebrities that come to mind might include the likes of Colin Farrell, Ben Affleck, and oh – let’s not forget Ray Jay. All hot, but bad boys nonetheless. Despite the negative moniker, they’re still irresistible. You can find the bad boy as the hero in some movies, and you might also notice that they get “the goodies” more often than nice guys. They can take you on a wild ride and even push you close to the edge. Let’s hear it for bad boys.

What is a Bad Boy?

A rebel. Charming. Confident. He does what he wants when he wants. You may have heard some of these words or phrases used to describe a bad boy. The term bad boy is defined in various ways, depending on who you ask. Here are some of those definitions:

  • A man who does not conform to approved standards of behavior
  • A man who says or does things that shock other people
  • A man whose rebellious nature makes him dangerous and/or attractive
 why do good girls love bad boys

Bad boys are also ridiculously attractive. It’s not your imagination. They are extremely masculine and smoking hot. Researchers find that people with dark personality traits like narcissism are more physically attractive than others.

Bad boys also know how to have fun. A study conducted in Barcelona finds bad boys attract women by being brave, daredevils, rulebreakers, and independent.

Confidence is another trait that bad boys use to draw in women. There’s nothing wrong with liking a man who is sure of himself.

Being with a Bad Boy

They say that bad boys don’t do commitment very well. So, if a long-term monogamous relationship is what you want, approach a bad boy with caution. But on the other hand, they say that bad boys are great in bed and make the perfect choice when it comes to having a fling. Enjoy!

Bad Boys for Life

Women love to try to change men, which for the most part, doesn’t work. And that’s even truer for a bad boy. He is who he is. But many bad boys have great qualities. They are exciting, loyal, and spontaneous. So do not try to change him. You know your relationship will never be boring. And remember, even a bad boy can become a good man.

Enjoy Your Bad Boy

We can’t help you decide which bad boy is best for you, but we can look into his past. Designed to be the safest online dating site, we’re the only dating website that allows you to see your date’s background information before you interact with him. You can also check out our website and app for lots of online dating tips for women, and so much more. Happy dating!