Five Bad Boy Traits and Why Men Who Want to Meet Girls Should Have Them

bad boy traits

Every girl in the world secretly loves them even if they say outwardly they are not attracted to that “type” of guy. Who is that “type” of guy? A bad boy. This is the guy every guy would like to be like even if it is for just one day.  Bad boys are quite alluring and they possess traits that make dating, relationships, and marriage easier for any man. Here are five traits to help you channel your inner bad boy.

Five Traits Men Who Want to Meet Girls Should Possess

Authentic Confidence  

Not having confidence is an instant turn-off and fake confidence is unnerving. Confidence is knowing what you’re good at, the value you provide and acting in a way that conveys this to others. A bad boy’s confidence is deep, internal and not shallow or contrived. It also doesn’t come from external confidence builders such as money, women, cool cars or clothes. If all of that was taken away from him, a bad boy wouldn’t lose his confidence.

Everyone respects and is attracted to a confident person, it creates an aura that draws people towards you like a magnet. This authentic confidence can’t be faked and communicates that you are secure in who you are and you do things that make you happy and successful while ignoring the rest.


Bad boys are passionate about everything and anything that they do. Passionate people are goal setters and strive fiercely to achieve those goals. This deep devotion shows when they talk about their passions. Passion is a very infectious trait. It’s inspirational and people are naturally drawn to passionate people. There is nothing more motivating than watching someone put their heart and soul into something that they love.


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Bad boys value themselves and know their place in the world. Self-value is more behavioral than emotional, it’s about how you act towards what you value and that includes yourself. Valuing something goes beyond regarding it as important. You also appreciate its qualities while investing time, energy and effort in nurturing and maintaining what it is you value. People with high self-value appreciate their own qualities even when trying to improve their lesser ones.

Bad boys who value themselves don’t change their personality to accommodate everyone in the room. They know who they are and don’t have the need to fit in or to be followers because they think for themselves.


Bad boys put 100 percent of their focus and energy into whatever they pursue. He gets out of his comfort zone to go after what he wants. If he sees a woman he likes and wants her phone number, he gets it. If he is interested in seeing her again, he just tells her. He will get over his own insecurities and make it happen.


A bad boy says what’s on his mind and tells you how it is. Honesty is an endearing quality and the truth can be sexy. Honesty and integrity are the qualities that make relationships stand the test of time. Even if the truth hurts, being honest with someone will build trust, respect and a bond that is hard to break.

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