Adding Simple Words to Your Dating Profile Can Get You More Dates

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Online dating is very competitive, and to win the game, you might need to make changes to your online dating profile. You know how important it is to get your dating profile just right, posting the best picture of yourself with a really cool bio to get you lots of eyes and more dates. The right profile can improve your online dating success and could lead you to the love of your life. So, choose your pictures and words very carefully.  The words and phrases you include in your profile play a bigger role than what you might think.

Words Matter When It Comes to Finding Love

Occasionally updating your online profile is important. And in doing so, make sure you really think about your word choice, in your profile. Yes, words matter.

Phrases or Words that Entice

Here are the suggested words or phrases that women need to include in their profile.

  • Pumpkin Spice – Studies show this simple phrase referring to a fall drink, is a “must include” in women’s profiles.
  • Ambitious/Perceptive/Hard Working – What man wouldn’t want to date a woman with all of these incredible attributes?
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  • Guacamole – Who knew? Yes, this very popular dish will also catch a man’s dating appetite.
  • Family/Love/Caring/Kind/Honest/Thoughtful/Sweet/Fun – The words family, love, and caring suggest you’re looking for a serious or long-term relationship. Get ready to melt a man’s heart.

Men should include the words: friends, love, caring, nice, outgoing, physically fit, spontaneous, perspective, music, optimistic, and honest.

Phrases or Words to Avoid

There are certain phrases or words women should avoid in their online dating profile, including:

  • Happy – Instead of the word happy, switch that out for the word confident.
  • I love to laugh – This should be a given. Doesn’t everyone love to laugh? Don’t waste your profile space with that word.

  • Shy – How can your date get to know you better, if you say you’re shy. It’s ok if you’re shy, just avoid using that word in your profile. Men might take that as meaning they’ll have to work harder to get to really know you.
  • Trustworthy – It’s ok to include the word honest, but not the word trustworthy. Both are crucial for a good relationship.

Men, on the other hand, should avoid these words in their profile: impress me, shy, handsome, happy, and entrepreneur.

Safely Find Love Online

Hopefully, these tips for creating the perfect online dating profile will help you meet your soul mate. Remember, words in your profile matter. Choosing the best online dating site also plays a major role in finding love. is also designed to be the safest online dating site. Unlike other dating sites for women, you can view your date’s background for yourself, right on our website.  If he’s been in the court system, you will know it and be able to view any records yourself. We make your safety our priority. Are you ready to find love online? You can start by downloading our app and joining Love is just a click away.

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